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At Frankfather Painting and Acoustic Removal, our staff of talented painters have the experience and knowledge to perform interior house painting and exterior house painting jobs with efficiency and quality in mind.


Interior House Painting two-tone Interior House Painting custom

Custom color two tone. White ceilings and colored walls.
Custom Fog and clouds on a windy day. Great for ceilings.


We have experience in complete interior painting including cabinets, doors, base boards, walls and ceilings.


Frankfather Painting and Acoustic Removal, serving San Diego and Riverside

Applying the texture, Handtroweled with a Mediteranian style finish, very popular in high society homes

KNOCK DOWN view sample

This procedure is similar to orange peel. The mixture is sprayed on a wall, allowed to set, then using a tool such as a trowel, the texture of the wall is "knocked down" to produce a very interesting finished texture.


A common texture on rough surfaced walls. This texture is obtained by spraying water-down joint compound through a texture machine. One must add the right mixture and takes time mastering this technique. This is mostly used on new construction and is applied easily.

HAND TROWEL view sample

Skip trowel semi smooth finish. Hand Trowel is not rough looking, it is mostly smooth with a little character.


At Frankfather Painting and Acoustic Removal we can perform acoustic scraping quickly and cleanly and have your ceiling ready for repainting. After we remove the "popcorn ceiling", we also dispose of the material for you.
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We make it a point to be a complete painting solution for our customers, not only indoors but outdoors as well. The quality of our work is proven time and time again. Check out only a few testimonials from our long list of completely satisfied customers.


We have experience in complete exterior painting including fences, patio covers, stucco, wood (facia under eaves).


Besides adding beauty to your property, we also stain and seal doors and fences. We make sure that the surface is thoroughly prepared to receive the sealant or stain.

By staining or sealing, you protect the beauty of your property for years. Below is a list of Items we regularly perform staining or sealing:

  • Front Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Patio Covers
  • Fences

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Interior 2,500 sq ft Home$2,700
Exterior 2,500 sq ft Home$2,700
Exterior Patio Covers$300 - $500
Kitchen Cabinets$900 - $1100
Acoustic Removal 2,000 sq ft home$2,000